We’re delighted to announce that the entire Net Primates team recently became certified in ‘Helpdesk Habits’. 

Helpdesk Habits is a training and certification programme designed to enhance the customer service standards provided by IT providers. 

Like most of us, we’re all trained to carry out our chosen profession, in our case, IT provision. Soft skills associated with customer care are rarely taught, but are essential. Helpdesk Habits helps to bridge the gap between great IT provision, and ensuring customers are happy with the service they receive. 

At Net Primates we’re very enthusiastic about IT and constantly evaluate how we can provide the very best IT and Cyber Security for our customers. Helpdesk Habits ensures that we use similar levels of enthusiasm and evaluation for customer service through positive communication, empathy and attitude.  

The course is designed for new starters and old hands. Helpdesk Habits works as a team activity, constantly reinforcing good practice. Simply attending a course and then moving on is not effective. We’re weaving customer service training and habit building into our Net Primates’s routines in order to provide phenomenal customer service as standard. We’re all practicing positive techniques to ensure we’re helping you with your IT problems in ways that suit you.  

You can help us! 

We’re doing our best to offer you great service, but want to hear from you. So, if we start using techy jargon that you’re not familiar with, let us know! Or if you don’t feel listened to or understood, get in touch! If we are not providing the level of service that you rightly demand, we want to hear from you… And we’d also love to hear from you if you feel we’re doing well!