Software sluggish? Machine constantly crashing? Worried that IT may not restart? 

These are just some of the issues experienced when PCs and laptops are past their prime. 

Yes, spending out on new IT kit can feel like an expense you could do without, but what are the time implications and costs of maintaining old and outdated kit? 

When computers start to reach the end of their productive life they take much longer to boot up. Once they eventually kick into life software can take an age to load and doesn’t perform as well as it should. You may also find that you can’t have as many software packages open at the same time as you once could – you either have to keep opening and shutting software or your machine may crash. And when that crash happens has your work been saved or are you going to have to redo tasks? 

Machines older than 3years will also be out of warranty. Those within 3years will be unlikely to go wrong, but if they do they’ll be quickly repaired or replaced. Regrettably the IT industry is STILL suffering the impact of Covid. Microchips are in short supply therefore significantly affecting the length of time needed to get hold of new kit. So, if your machine is out of warranty and goes wrong or needs to be urgently replaced, you may be out of luck. And whilst you may be able to track down a machine chances are it won’t be the one you want or need, and you may pay through the nose for it. 

By replacing PCs and laptops every 3years ensures that you can operate efficiently with maximum productivity. Plus, there’s the added bonus of increased job satisfaction. A sluggish and unreliable machine doesn’t just slow workflow but it decreases motivation. Imagine having to redo work following a crash, or simply losing your ‘flow’. How much time will be spent moaning about a dodgy machine, making an extra cuppa while it reboots and generally feeling like you can’t do the great job that you want to. 

The costs of replacing a machine may prove invaluable once you consider the wasted time spent using an old machine. And as inflation soars the quicker you order your machine the less you’re likely to pay. 

We don’t want anyone to spend more on a machine than they need to, but we also want you to remain productive and happy in your work. By planning for your replacement machines ahead of time, and keeping them within warranty, you’ll be able to budget, get the kit that best suits your needs and stay happy!