How well are you and your team connected? 

If you, or any particular members of staff, are experiencing internet connectivity problems while working at home, let us know. 

Home internet is great for gaming, Netflix and online shopping, in the evenings and weekends. Throw in online home schooling, a couple of remote workers and multiply this by every house in the street, and things aren’t so great. 

Basically, home internet provision hasn’t generally been enabled for workers; it’s been mostly for leisure. Consequently, the strength and speed of connectivity is not necessarily fit for purpose as workers and their children remain at home.  

Not only has the number of devices being used increased, so too has the type of application. 

Video conferencing is now the norm. Unsurprisingly, Microsoft Teams usage increased by 50% in the six months to October 2020. Picture the family that, just a year ago, were all out of the home during the day. They’re now all pounding the video conferencing platforms Monday to Friday, parents attending meetings and kids in lessons. These data-hungry applications are giving home internet provision a run for its money! 

Internet service within businesses has been provided with data-hungry applications, and continual usage, in mind. Business-grade systems are installed that are fit for purpose. Home internet provision was fit for purpose, until the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Now, generally, it’s not. 

If you’re witnessing staff dropping out of meetings, or you’re experiencing this yourself, there are things that we can help you with. Additionally, if you’ve had feedback from staff that they’re struggling with their current home internet, get in touch