We recently mentioned how internet speeds can be unnecessarily slow, and how these can be improved. But what if your machine is going at snail’s pace?

There are a whole host of reasons why your machine may be on a go-slow; there may be too many programmes running in the background, you may be short of free hard drive space or you may be short of memory, to name but a few. Or it may just need to be turned on and off again 🙂.

If your machine is running consistently slowly it may be that it’s simply reaching the end of its useful life (computers are generally considered ‘old’ once they’ve been in operation for 3 or more years). Or it may require a much-needed system upgrade, where a new version of the operating software is installed, so making the machine ready to handle the latest versions of your favourite programmes.

Whatever the reason, there is one vital piece of advice we’d like to give you – don’t bury your head in the sand – act now and you could save a lot of time and unnecessary expenditure. If your machine is running slowly don’t wait for it to get even slower and finally give up the ghost – call us! We’ll be able to quickly determine what the cause of the speed issue is, and run through the options available to solve the issue. So in essence, don’t wait until your machine is unusable, leaving you without a machine. For fear of ramming this post full of proverbs, a stitch in time really will save nine… contact Net Primates today and we’ll keep you up and running…