One year on and Net Primates are once again ensuring that we stay ahead of the cybercrime curve by mixing with industry peers at IT Nation Secure

Steve Cole is representing us and is experiencing three impactful days of speakers, sessions and networking, focused on cyber security. The main focus for Net Primates is around the learning track of ‘Protect, Detect, and Respond’.  

Why go? 

As we all know, trying to immerse yourself in a topic can be tricky when we have the day job to deal with. By taking a few days out, Steve is able to focus 100% on learning about the latest cyber threats and security products. In addition, relationships are deepened; we are part of a global cyber security community – we are there for each other to help solve problems and keep our customers safe. 


During IT Nation we’re able to learn about new products available, building connections with suppliers so that we know where we need to go to source vital security solutions. 


Regrettably, protection is no longer the main concentration for cyber security specialists. It’s now widely accepted that cyberattacks can take place even where stringent measures are in place. We all now need to be able to detect an attack as soon as possible – ideally before the hackers inform us! 


Finally, if an attack has infiltrated defences, and been detected, we need a response plan. By responding quickly, and with confidence, we are more likely to be able lessen the impact of an attack. 

A learning curve 

By mixing with our peers, we’re able to find the best ways of protecting, detecting and responding to help keep your business as secure as possible. 

Don’t suffer in silence 

If you’re concerned that you don’t have adequate cyber security provision in place, please ask us for help. By working together, we are all more likely to stay secure.