Is your organisation making a permanent transition to more remote working? 

If so, do you need to consider alternative network arrangements?  

Whilst your network may be just about coping with current staff levels, is it groaning under the strain?  

As video conferencing becomes the norm, staff training goes online and teams work from home, so Business IT Networks are struggling to cope with greater usage from different locations. Additionally, increases in use from internet connection points not designed for high use can slow cloud-based applications. 

Home wifi could also be reducing effectiveness of the network connection for some team members. And are all network cables in good working order? 

If your IT network wasn’t designed for the shape of your current organisation it won’t be working as efficiently as it could.  

There’s also security to consider.  

Have sacrifices in security been made in the interests of speeding up the transition from office to home? Hackers are aware that some businesses have not adapted their network security to suit new working practices and will prey on this for their own gain (and your loss). 

If your company network hasn’t been evaluated since lockdown it may be worth us giving it the once-over. We’ll help ensure your network is set up to suit current and predicted usage. Using the latest technological solutions and encryption Net Primates will work with you to provide a secure, multi-site network. Your business will be in a position to work efficiently, effectively and safely wherever your teams are based. 

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