We appreciate that having an ‘IT Performance & Cyber Security Review’ may not sound like the most exciting element of your working life… but it is vital (and it won’t take long)! 


If your organisation were to experience a Cyber Attack it would certainly add excitement to your week (and possibly month/year), and not in a good way!

With just 12% of global employees stating that they would choose to work full time in the office, it’s apparent that most office workers will experience some sort of permanent change to their working pattern.  

We’ve all had to adapt at speed and now it’s time to take stock; evaluate the systems and procedures that are in place, and more importantly – what are not!  

Are staff members using their own personal devices at home?

If so, are these devices secure? And if they’re using work devices at home, are the systems they’re using secure?  

Do you have a plan in place for replacing IT kit as it comes out of warranty?

If you don’t it’s worth getting one in place. And if your plan was created sometime ago it may be worth revisiting it; to illustrate, the plan may show that a new desktop computer is needed when a laptop may be more useful to allow flexibility. 

Are backups taking place as they should?

Without backups, the risk of losing vital data is always a concern. Make sure that your backup systems work wherever team members are working. 

Would it be beneficial to update software to make it more user friendly when home working?

Having Microsoft Teams in place, for example, allows easy remote team working. 

Is your telephone system geared up for staff that are constantly changing locations?

There are so many options available to ensure smooth telephony and consequently great customer service. It’s worth evaluating your current system to determine if it’s giving you as much flexibility and efficiency as you need.

Do all your team members benefit from reliable broadband within their home environment?

If not, it’s worth exploring options with them so that their working day is productive and their morale maintained.

Whilst this list may seem extensive, it’s not something that takes long to explore. A quick IT Performance & Cyber Security Review with Net Primates will determine what’s needed to make sure your organisation has IT provision that is fit for new working patterns.  

By having the right IT kit in place, your teams can work efficiently, and with ease, wherever they are. You’ll also be confident that your cyber security arrangements reflect the changing work patterns, helping to keep your business safe from attack. 

You’ll also reap the rewards of a happy workforce that can work more flexibly, confident that the kit they’re using is up to the job. 

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