As the first shoots of spring start to prematurely appear it’s fair to wonder why we’re talking about holidays. But by thinking ahead and planning, you can use the holiday season to your advantage. 

Whilst holidays can be viewed as ‘downtime’ in terms of productivity, the days and weeks when staff are not working are ideal opportunities to give your IT kit some TLC.  

As more of us work remotely the lines between home life and work life can blur. Physically removing machines from staff helps them to enjoy a real break from work, helping them to return refreshed and rejuvenated. And if you’re the Boss – take note – we expect you deserve a break too, so let the IT specialists prize your laptop from you as you leave the office. 

Upgrading and updating 

Upgrading and updating system software can be a time-consuming process but is essential to keep machines, and subsequently businesses, running smoothly. By undertaking essential maintenance to machines during holiday periods, downtime can be minimised and staff will return to a fully functional, upgraded machine which benefits from the latest software. 


If your business-grade PCs and laptops are coming up to three years old they will soon be out of warranty. Why not use the holiday season to replace the older machines and get them kitted out with the latest software that will help staff performance and improve morale? 

Proactivity helps productivity 

By proactively keeping PCs upgraded helps to reduce the need for emergency IT support when machines fail, which can potentially lead to drops in productivity, missed deadlines and unhappy customers.  

Book your machine in for a holiday 

So, as soon as that holiday form drops onto your desk then drop us a line. We’ll let you know what upgrades and updates you require, alongside machines that need replacing. Book machines in for the pampering that they deserve, while you and your staff get the break you deserve.