Do you know which pieces of IT you’ll be replacing this year and any changes that are worth considering? If not, we’d recommend that you arrange your Technology Business Review as soon as possible. 

By planning your IT Roadmap well in advance you’ll be in a far better position to purchase or lease the kit that you need, rather than having to buy whatever is available at the time. You’ll also be far less likely to experience IT emergencies, and budgets will be much easier to plan. 

We recognise that any expenditure, particularly during tough economic times, can be viewed as a burden, but if you and your teams are using out-of-date kit you will, in all likelihood, be experiencing productivity issues. Software may be sluggish (if you can use it on an old machine), you won’t benefit from an in-date warranty and you could be more vulnerable to a cyberattack. 

Planning for change

It’s not possible to plan for every eventuality but take just a little time to consider any changes that are going to happen within the business and make sure you alert your IT provider. Things to consider are: 

  • Will you be taking on new staff members? Order kit and software in plenty of time. Make sure that any accounts they need are in place, and that there is adequate internet provision for both their office and remote working. With everything in place when they arrive they’ll be able to hit the ground running and won’t be left in limbo (not particularly motivational for a new starter). 
  • Are you losing staff members? You’ll want to know what IT kit and software they are using, what they have access to and ensure a process is in place for their departure. This is especially vital if the staff member is leaving under a cloud, but relevant for happy leavers as well. If a handover is taking place put a plan in for their machine to be wiped and prepped for the newbie. 
  • Are you venturing into new markets? If you’re exploring opportunities for international business you may need to adjust Cyber Security provision to allow users to access servers and internet sites whilst abroad, while remaining as secure as possible.  
  • Will you be changing premises? Allow plenty of time for big changes to ensure a smooth transition and communicate your plans clearly with everyone that will be involved in making the move happen.

Ongoing issues

Are there issues that you’ve been ignoring for too long? Things to address are: 

  • Is your Cyber Security as good as it can be? And are your staff trained on how to be Cyber Resilient? If you’ve been burying your head in the sand, make 2023 the year that you remove it! Better to be aware of potential issues before they occur than assume you’ll be ok. 
  • Have you kept a note of warranty dates for machines and servers? If not, take 5 to note them down. Staying within warranty will help your business remain efficient and secure, and help budgeting.
  • Are your remote workers properly catered for? Do they have kit and internet access at home that allows them to work productively? It’s been 3 years since covid reared its head, so we should all be well in the swing of things – if you’re not, now’s the time to get on board. 
  • Have you kept your machines updated and upgraded? Without updates and upgrades you could be missing vital security, the best speeds and better tools. 
  • Are there grumbles that machines aren’t working well enough? Don’t delay – plan for change. IT problems don’t get better without attention! 
  • Budgets are tight so you mustn’t spend! We wouldn’t encourage anyone to put their business at risk with unnecessary expenditure, but planning for IT purchases can make them more affordable. You may be able to lease* equipment, spreading the cost. Using old kit can be more costly than you imagine in wasted time, bad customer service and demotivated staff. 

If you’re concerned that there is a lot to think about, let us help. Arrange a Technology Business Review and we’ll own the problem for you. Planning takes very little time and could take up way more if things go wrong. Plus, you’ll benefit from happier staff and customers that are well looked after. 

*Subject to status and eligibility.