Following your feedback, we’ve streamlined the Net Primates support system, making it easier for support tickets to be raised, approved and resolved.  

Get your IT problems solved more quickly and more efficiently with the NEW Net Primates IT Support Panel (ITSP). 

What’s changed? 


Understandably, some businesses want to ensure that support tickets can be raised by anyone needing IT support, BUT that approval for the request be sought by the relevant manager. Previously, approval would be obtained after the ticket had been raised with Net Primates, and this could prove time-consuming for all concerned. 

Now, that’s changed. When a ticket is raised it is automatically sent for the necessary approvals before it comes to us; as soon as we receive the ticket, we know that it’s good to go. 

Frequently requested items 

As you can imagine, many of the IT issues that need resolving are similar in nature. We’ve provided forms for the more frequently requested items. Within the form we’ll ask you the necessary questions that will allow us to resolve your issue as quickly and efficiently as possible, reducing the need for us to come back to you for additional information. 

Additionally, tickets will be immediately directed to the Net Primates technician who is best placed to resolve the problem. Getting your ticket in front of the right technican sooner, allows us to improve our response times to you. 


Forms allow screenshots and error messages to be included, alongside user details. And we’ll know that the form has come from you, rather than somewhere unsecure. This additional detail means we can respond quicker. 


The panel gives you access to commonly asked questions, settings and regular tasks. We’ll also send push notifications direct to your desktop via the ITSP app, keeping you informed of the latest, vital IT information and news. 

Easy Access 

ITSP can be accessed by clicking on the icon displayed on each users screen – simply click and go! 


Trials of ITSP have been extremely well-received and we’re excited to be rolling the system out to all Net Primates customers very soon.  

We’re committed to helping businesses remain as efficient as possible, ensuring IT issues are resolved quickly and easily. 

If you’d like to find out more about ITSP and how it could benefit your business contact CALL 02381 800 800 or visit