It’s not every day that we get called ‘Knights in shining armour’, so we’re immensely proud to have been called so by Loretto Linehan, Director at Belvoir Southampton

For ten years we have worked to support Loretto, her husband and business partner Brian, and their team at Belvoir. 

In 2018 Brian was kind enough to say, “When Loretto and I first established Belvoir Southampton, Rupert gave us excellent IT advice and support and this has continued as our business has grown. We pride ourselves on providing an efficient and professional service to our Buyers, Sellers, Landlords and Tenants, and fully-operational IT systems are essential. I’d recommend Net Primates to any organisation that requires first-rate, proactive IT support.” 

Five years on and Loretto and Brian have added to their portfolio by acquiring Belvoir Basingstoke, drawing on more services from Net Primates. 

Help during acquisition 

When acquiring a new small business to accompany an existing business, integrating and adapting the IT systems is crucial for a successful merger. In order to help the Belvoir teams begin working together as quickly, smoothly and efficiently as possible we carried out a number of steps, for which Loretto has written us a glowing testimonial. 

Here’s how we helped Belvoir… 

Assessment of existing IT systems 

Firstly, we conducted a comprehensive assessment of the IT systems used by Belvoir Basingstoke, in comparison with the systems that we already provide to Belvoir Southampton. This evaluation helped us to identify the strengths, weaknesses, compatibility, and potential gaps in the Basingstoke systems. 

IT due diligence 

Performing thorough IT due diligence was essential to gain a deeper understanding of the Belvoir Basingstoke’s IT assets. This included examining software licenses, contracts, hardware, data security measures, and potential risks. 

Data integration and migration 

Data integration and migration play a vital role in the successful adaptation of IT systems. A well-thought-out plan was required to ensure that data from the Basingstoke business was seamlessly integrated into the existing systems whilst prioritising data integrity and minimising disruption. 

Application integration 

During the IT system adaptation, decisions were made about which applications would be retained, replaced, or integrated with the existing applications. This step ensured that the new combined IT environment is streamlined and operates efficiently. 

Network and infrastructure integration 

Evaluating the network infrastructure was essential in order to make the necessary changes during the merger. Factors such as bandwidth requirements, VPN connections, and data centres were considered to ensure a smooth transition. 

Security and compliance 

As you know, we are committed to ensuring that security and compliance are top of the agenda at all times, and when integrating IT systems this is a crucial consideration. We ensured, and continue to ensure, that both businesses adhere to the same security standards safeguarding against potential threats as fully as possible. 

Communication and collaboration tools  

Effective communication and collaboration tools are essential for Belvoir for both external and internal comms so we ensured these were aligned. 

Staff training 

Providing training on new systems and procedures ensured that employees in Basingstoke could adapt to the new systems in place. 

Testing and validation 

Thorough testing and validation of the integrated IT systems was necessary before going live. During this step we were able to identify and resolve any issues, reducing the risk of operational disruptions and ensuring a smooth transition. 

Post-merger support 

We continue to offer support and guidance to Belvoir within their two sites, being proactive wherever possible in order to keep systems running smoothly and ensuring customer and staff satisfaction.  

Scalability and future growth 

We regularly liaise with our clients, such as Belvoir, conducting Technology Business Reviews. Any expansion plans are discussed and taken into consideration when offering advice and support. 

A new chapter 

Loretto, Brian and their teams work hard helping their customers start new chapters in their lives. We were proud to help them start on their new chapter and look forward to supporting them as they move onwards and upwards. 

If you are considering an acquisition or merger we are here to help. Get in touch as soon as you begin the planning phase (or even before) to help ensure IT is transitioned and adapted as smoothly as possible.