Whilst this year has certainly not been ‘normal’, letting your customers know about potential Christmas closures is as important as ever. And if you need IT kit, the sooner you order the better.

How many IT days are there until Christmas?

Our advice is, get in quick! By preparing your business email and phone systems, you and your team can enjoy your festive break, safe in the knowledge that your customers have a clear understanding of when you’re available to assist them.


Out of office replies (wherever your ‘office’ now is), email signature updates and email redirects can all be set up and scheduled to operate during any closures. If your business is operational for some, but not all, of the days between Christmas and New Year then changes in the responses can be amended to suit. And this works equally well if your daily opening hours are different from the norm.

Does your business offer emergency cover? If so this information can be conveyed, including alternative contact numbers, email addresses and response times.


As with email, any telephone answer machine and voicemail messages can be scheduled to change to suit your seasonal business hours. Telephone diverts can also be set up or amended so that all calls get directed to the appropriate people / recorded messages. Ensure your customers get the excellent service they expect from you.

How we can help

For those that are unfamiliar with setting up email and phone messages, and diverts, Net Primates can assist. We’ll get everything in place so that you and your team can relax in the knowledge that business IT is running smoothly in your absence.

IT kit

If you need to order any new IT kit please do let us know as soon as you can. Availability and delivery dates are unprecedentedly unpredictable due to the impact of Covid-19 both in the UK and abroad. We will do our best to get any kit you need as soon as is physically possible, but all orders are subject to availability.

Don’t delay – we need your orders by Friday 11th December at the very latest.

Please email Support tickets to [email protected]

And you can find our festive opening hours here