Is IT hardware one of the last things that you pay for as a capital expense? 

Maintaining a healthy cash flow, particularly during tough times, can prove a tall order. Capital expenditure can be so much of a burden that purchases are delayed, impacting productivity and efficiency. If you’re putting off IT purchases because of cash flow issues then it may be worth considering leasing options for your business IT hardware. 

If your staff are complaining about sluggish machines, but money is tight, you don’t need to wait for a windfall. Set yourself a goal of replacing a third of your IT estate annually, paying monthly through a leasing arrangement.  

Getting your business into a leasing cycle will ensure you always have kit that’s within warranty. You’ll also benefit from hardware that is powerful enough to use the latest software, and activate all current cyber security updates. Happy, productive teams will also drive growth. Plus, regular monthly payments will be much easier to manage. 

Net Primates can assist with leasing arrangements*. Book a Technology Business Review to run through the hardware and software that you’re currently using, when the warranties are up, and any IT issues that you’re facing. We’ll help you develop an IT strategy to ensure you have a plan for IT purchases and discuss potential leasing arrangements*. 

*Subject to status and eligibility.