Microsoft is reportedly spending $4billion this year on cyber security alone! And we all benefit from their investment. 

Fending off millions of potential attacks has become standard for Microsoft. Finding new and improved ways to foil the attacks has kept the company on its toes; in doing so they are helping to keep us all safe. As they develop new ways of fighting attack so we benefit from greater protection. As we all now know, cyber security is a team effort as attacks can have a chain effect, so all the efforts Microsoft are putting in, help to keep your chain of customers and suppliers safer. 


Whilst we recognise that cyber attacks can potentially put a halt to business, it’s also fair to recognise that cyber security provision can sometimes feel as if it’s slowing us down, if only temporarily. We all feel the pain of additional security measures, such as having to go through a more rigorous authentication process. To offset this, Microsoft are striving to make their cyber security measures as user-friendly as possible, creating the best environment for us all. Behind the scenes, they are adding features that allow IT teams to better manage the tricky combination of locking down security whilst giving users the flexibility and freedom to use applications with ease. 

Do not sideline security

Microsoft’s projected cyber security investment of $20billion over 5 years to 2026 demonstrates how seriously this area of IT is taken. Whilst protecting themselves, they also recognise that businesses of all sizes are waking up to the importance of cyber security within daily operations and long-term strategy – no longer is it an area that can be sidelined.  

Big business

So, cyber security is big business, but unfortunately it has to be. No doubt, Microsoft would much rather focus on the areas of hardware and software development that they were founded on. Much the same as every company owner and leader would rather spend their working hours concentrating on the core business. But fighting cybercrime is a fight that we all face. To ignore it is irresponsible and reckless. But with Microsoft’s software development we can be assured that they are making the fight much easier for all of us. 

Need help?

Within the depths of Microsoft’s cyber security provison are features to enhance every business. Yes, some are straightforward to use but others require a more experienced eye. If you would like advice and support on how to maximise your cyber security whilst maximising potential productivity, please do get in touch