Before 23rd March it’s fair to say that many hadn’t heard of, let alone used, Microsoft Teams. Upon the Government’s announcement that the UK had to ‘lockdown’ all that changed. 

Previously, as we’re all familiar with, company meetings were routinely held around the boardroom table or in a conference room, with participants being present. After the announcement a steep learning curve took place, in both the workplace and at home, as video conferencing became the norm at lightning speed. 

It’s been reported that March saw the number of video calls in Microsoft Teams grow by more than 1,000% which is, frankly, not a surprise. 

What, at the beginning of year, was the domain of those that could be considered ‘innovators’ or ‘early adopters’ is now commonplace for both commercial and domestic use. 

Are you using Microsoft Teams to its full potential? 

Some of you Innovator and Early Adopter types may be fully immersed in how Teams can be integrated into your daily working life. However, if you’re not quite there yet it’s worth finding out about the many aspects of teams that you could be benefitting from… 


The element of Teams that most of us will be familiar with is the video conferencing function. Commonly used is the facility to carry out routine meetings, allowing teams to easily stay in touch whether working on site, at home or at an alternative location. 

But, did you know that Teams of up to 10k members can be formed? Carry out your next staff conference online without the need for an expensive venue, travel and accommodation. And how about launching a Webinar to educate your customers? 

We LOVE the ‘Together’ mode where the backgrounds can be changed to reflect where we’d like to be meeting. 

Chat and collaborate 

Instant message with a team member, hop onto a call or share your screen. Make decisions quickly and avoid messy email chains. And build bigger teams where you can stay in touch about specific projects, even including members from outside of your organisation. 

Work together 

Quickly access your other Microsoft apps such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint and share across Teams – create, solve and discuss with ease, leading to much greater efficiency. 

It probably won’t surprise you to know that we’ve been using Microsoft Teams at Net Primates for a while, always keen to embrace new technology. It comes as part of our Office 365 Enhanced Security Package, so not only do our customers benefit from Teams technology, but also a high level of cyber security. 

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