Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) adds an additional layer of security to your Office 365 accounts. 

Used alongside a stringent Password Policy and Password Manager, MFA ensures that other methods of identification are needed in order to gain account access. 

MFA can consist of at least one of the following: knowledge that only the user can know, the user being in possession of a particular piece of hardware or the use of inherent factors such as a fingerprint. 


Think of your Mother’s maiden name, first pet, favourite tune, etc. We’ve all been asked for these from time to time, when setting up online accounts, and they can be used to add a layer of additional security to your account. 


Becoming more commonplace are devices that generate a verification code. These may be bespoke for an organisation or may be linked to a mobile phone, for example. You may be familiar with this type of authentication method if it’s used by your bank? 

Inherent factors 

Fingerprint and retinal scans, and voice recognition, are becoming less ‘Mission Impossible’; some of you may already be using ‘biometrics’ within your passport.  


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