We’re so proud of our team at Net Primates, and never more so than when our very own Chris Dewey recently went above and beyond over a weekend. 

What’s the emergency? 

So, let’s set the scene. It’s Sunday afternoon and Chris is enjoying some well-deserved leisure time. Ever vigilant, Chris sees an urgent notification come in via the 24/7 monitoring service that Net Primates subscribes to. The notification details how a client’s hard drive inside their server is failing with degraded RAID array (the data is intact but at risk), so Chris (aka Superman) springs into action.  

Server warranties 

As you know, we recommend that servers are replaced every five years so that they can handle the latest requirements and security updates, but also so that they are within warranty. The failing hard drive contained within the server is 4.5 years old, so still covered. Chris is therefore able to contact HP and arrange for a new hard drive to be provided ASAP. 

Once in possession of the new HP kit Chris prepares it for installation. 

Monday morning 

Monday morning arrives (less than 24 hours after the original notification). The client turns up at their office bemused to find Chris Dewey waiting on the doorstep. Whilst the client has enjoyed a carefree weekend Chris has had their back. 

Chris has fully-prepped the new hard drive ready to swap out with the old one. The clients carry on with their working week as if nothing has happened!  

The lessons of this case study 

  • Servers should be replaced every 5 years to stay in warranty 
  • Great IT Support works behind the scenes to keep you up and running 
  • Chris Dewey is our hero 

Do you know a business that needs an IT superhero? 

If you know a business that is struggling to maintain essential IT provision, we’d be happy to talk through their issues. They can experience the benefits of proactive IT support where business efficiency and continuity are paramount.