Use the features of Office 365 Enhanced for your benefit and maximise the impact on your business… 

Microsoft Office 365 is a comprehensive set of applications and Net Primates have gone even further by offering an ‘Enhanced’ suite. Our enhancements add additional security, allowing you to use your applications with a far lower risk of cyber attack. 

Recently, you’ll have seen the ransomware nightmare that Travelex have suffered being widely broadcast by the news agencies. Their loss is potentially three-fold; financial loss due to downtime, reputational damage and a possible fine for not protecting their data.  

They’ve hit the headlines as their ransomware demand has been for reportedly £4.6m!!! 

Whilst you may run a small business, and consider yourself too small for cybercriminals to target, think again. Big cyber attacks hit the headlines whilst thousands of smaller ones don’t. You are still at risk and your business could still suffer catastrophic consequences as the result of an attack. 

Use Offer 365 Enhanced to the max and your risk is greatly reduced. 

These three features help local businesses like yours stay safe: 

  • Colleague impersonation detection 
  • Email security with phishing protection 
  • Geographic login restrictions – can’t be accessed via locations where you don’t reside or travel to. 

Colleague Impersonation Detection 

Sending emails from addresses that look VERY similar to the original are a familiar trick used by cybercriminals. Can you easily see the difference between these two addresses? [email protected]  and [email protected]  

Not easy is it! And that’s when we’re actively looking for the difference. To imagine that each and every one of our staff will evaluate every single email they receive is unrealistic. Net Primates Colleague Impersonation Detection looks for these anomalies within emails and alerts you to issues by highlighting emails that look suspicious.  

Additionally, if a cybercriminal has acquired your email password (enabling them to login and send an email from your account) Office 365 Enhanced will detect that the email is being sent from outside of your organisation. 

Email Security with Phishing Protection 

Phishing emails are sent by a cybercriminal pretending to be from a known source, with the intention of tricking you into giving away information that can ultimately be used for monetary gain. Whilst, at first glance, these emails can appear genuine, there are often many giveaway signs that they’re not for real. Tell-tale signs include grammar and spelling mistakes, links that read as one thing but will take you to somewhere completely different, a request for immediate action, etc.  

Office 365 Enhanced software contains detection designed specifically to look for the different elements of phishing, highlighting issues to you.  

If you’d like to know more about phishing ask us for a FREE copy of our ‘DON’T GET HOOKED!’ poster. 

Geographic Login Restrictions 

Can’t be in two places at once? Microsoft Office 365 Enhanced recognises when attempts are made to login from two different locations at the same time, or from places that you don’t usually work or travel to. Note that cybercrime hotspots are located globally, and the UK is NOT one of these – so chances are cybercriminals are targeting you from another country.  



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