For those of you with Microsoft Office 365 you may have already migrated your mailbox, but what if you haven’t? Should you?  

Well, of course it’s entirely up to you, but we would recommend that you do. 

There are many advantages to be had but the main thrust of the change will bring about increased efficiency and ultimately cost savings. 

So, what does ‘migrating’ mean? 

To migrate your emails from their existing server/s to Microsoft Office 365 means that your emails will now be hosted on a Microsoft cloud-based server. Once your emails are ‘in the cloud’ you and your team will have no need for either on-site servers, or a separate hosting service. 

On site servers are the same as any hardware. They have a limited lifetime, particularly as technology evolves so rapidly. Space on the server soon gets used causing the need for bigger and better servers. If the servers fail, we can of course come along and sort out repairs or replacements, but with cloud-based email these potential issues are eliminated. 

And how many of you use an outside hosting service? If you do, you could well have become the victim of hosting issues when the hosts carry out ‘improvements’ to their service. We’ve come across scenarios where emails have not been delivered or received, and hosts are not always quick off the mark to rectify problems. You may also have been enticed with tempting rates that are then hiked up once you’re committed. With Office 365 the email hosting costs are extremely competitive and Microsoft has many failsafe measures in place to ensure smooth delivery and receipt of mail.  

Once your emails are cloud-based using Office 365 your entire business can use the same system, no matter where they are in the country or indeed the world. So, if you’re setting up, or closing premises, you don’t need to worry about how their emails will be hosted or closed down. 

So, if you would like a reliable, efficient and cost-effective email solution then we’d recommend migrating. And have no fear – you don’t need to worry about completing this yourself – we can set it up for you, making sure that the transition from your current system to 365 is a smooth one.