Microsoft have just embarked on a renaming exercise. There have been NO changes to their products, but the product names have changed. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for the new names to become ‘normal’…  

Here’s the list of before and afters: 

‘Office 365 Business’ becomes ‘Microsoft 365 Apps for Business’  
‘Office 365 Business Essentials’ becomes ‘Microsoft 365 Business Basic’  
‘Office 365 Business Premium’ becomes ‘Microsoft 365 Business Standard’  
‘Office 365 ProPlus’ becomes ‘Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise’  
‘Microsoft 365 Business’ becomes ‘Microsoft 365 Business Premium’ 

For now, we’re focusing our energy on making sure that all our customers have the best IT setups during the Covid-19 pandemic, but once we’re back to ‘normal’ we’ll be renaming our ‘Office 365 Enhanced’ product. Watch this space for further updates.