Microsoft have released a critical vulnerability in Outlook.

Take action now to mitigate this vulnerability by updating your Outlook for Windows client.

Microsoft Threat Intelligence discovered limited, targeted abuse of a vulnerability in Microsoft Outlook for Windows. We strongly recommend all customers update Microsoft Outlook for Windows to remain secure.

All supported versions of Microsoft Outlook for Windows are affected. Other versions of Microsoft Outlook such as Android, iOS, Mac, as well as Outlook on the web and other M365 services are not affected.

We have put together this guide on how to perform a manual update of your Outlook on Windows here

How to perform a manual Office update on Windows

The current release that contains the vulnerability patch/fix is –

Current channel – Version 2303 (Build 16130.20306)

Please ensure you complete this update as soon as possible.

If in doubt please contact us for advice, we can be contacted via the IT Support App on the desktop, via email [email protected] or in the event of a more immediate concern event 02381 800800