For several years we’ve been delighted to supply Phase 3 Plastics of Southampton with IT Support.  

Managing Director, Terry Lucas, has been kind enough to provide us with a glowing testimonial: “I am, as are all of my staff, extremely happy with the service provided by Net Primates. 

Without any doubt we all rely on the one-to-one support and level of care provided by your team of experts, without whom we would not be able to function efficiently. Each and every one at Phase 3 Plastics Ltd recommend Net Primates as specialists that keep our business running smoothly.”  

To demonstrate the longevity of our working relationship, Phase 3 Plastics are now on their third round of PCs supplied by Net Primates. We recommend planning to update IT equipment at the end of its warranty for the following reasons: 

  • Kit within warranty will be repaired or replaced at pace, should any issues arise.  
  • Newer kit is far less likely to experience issues than older kit, reliability leading to greater efficiency. 
  • Kit that is within warranty will be better able to cope with the latest software that’s available. 
  • Newer systems will be ideally placed to accommodate the latest cyber security measures. 
  • Budget for purchases, plan for change, and avoid IT emergencies. 
  • Improve staff morale by supplying IT kit that does what it needs to do without hindrance. 

Phase 3 Plastics participate in regular TBRs (Technology Business Reviews) with Net Primates. These meetings ensure that any machine repairs are carried out in a timely manner, that Cyber Security is up to date, and that their internet connectivity is suitable. Working proactively together ensures Phase 3 Plastics are able to concentrate on their core business, rather than having to cope with troublesome IT. 

Our Technical Director, Rupert Walmsley, sums up: “Our working relationship with Phase 3 Plastics is mutually beneficial and a perfect example of how businesses can work together for the good of all. The partnership and long-term relationship has developed and ensures Phase 3 Plastics always has the right IT for the job and the support that they need.”

If you need more reliable IT kit and support for your business please do let us know and schedule your Technology Business Review.