It’s not every day (or ever) that you hear IT being compared with cars, but we’re going to give it a go! 

Car leasing and maintenance are good examples of where being proactive is far more efficient than simply reacting. 

So, you pay for your car through a leasing arrangement, ensuring that you always have access to a vehicle that is within its warranty. The car is serviced regularly and has RAC cover. You are always able to get to where you want to go, in comfort and without hitches. Yes, there are occasions where the car may have a maintenance issue, but these are few and far between; problems are quickly resolved through the warranty and you’ll have a replacement car to use if necessary. Payments are regular so you can budget for them and you can relax knowing that you have a reliable motor. 

Compare the lease car to an old banger with no RAC cover. Admittedly, the car will have been paid for outright some time ago, but how much is it actually costing you to keep it on the road and can you rely on it? Chances are that if you take it for a service or its MOT the bill is larger than you had budgeted for. And are you confident that the vehicle is fully legal whenever you’re driving it? You’ll also be experiencing breakdowns with increasing regularity, all of which come with hefty unanticipated price tags. Plus, you’ll have missed out on events as you dash about trying to find another mode of transport. Is the vehicle secure or is it easy to break in to and steal? Finally, let’s not forget that you’ll be driving a car that doesn’t benefit from all the mod cons and fuel economy features that are standard on new cars. 

How is this car comparison related to IT?

Well, there are Managed IT Services which compare with leased vehicles. Computers are always within warranty so are always fit for purpose with the latest software. They aren’t likely to go wrong, but are quickly repaired and replaced when they do. IT Support providers will ensure that all updates and upgrades are carried out maximising efficiency of use. Machines will be regularly backed up and you’ll have the latest Cyber Security in place, keeping your customers’ data safe within legal parameters. Monthly payments will be within a set budget, and you’ll be able to forward plan for new purchases. Ultimately, you’ll be reassured that you have the best kit for the job and are able to fulfil your commitments to customers with ease. 

Conversely, if you’re struggling with old IT equipment that is no longer within warranty your business will not be operating as efficiently as it could be. Upgrades and updates may not be current because the machines and software are no longer supported. Not only will you be unable to use the latest software but there will be an increased risk of a Cyberattack; you could find you’re in breach of data protection legislation. If backups are inconsistent the breakdown of a machine or a cyber breach could see considerable essential data lost. Emergency IT Support may be not be as easy to obtain as you had hoped and you’ll find yourself cobbling together an IT solution that is not ideal, and potentially spending more money than you need to on unsuitable kit. Plus, the experience of using out of date kit is rarely a good one – slow systems are frustrating and you’ll be constantly finding workarounds to get the job done. 

The point of this comparison?

To encourage the use of Managed IT Services. Proactive IT is so much more efficient for any organisation that wants to remain competitive, secure and compliant. Reacting to an emergency situation is never a pleasant experience and is so easy to avoid. 

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