Over the last couple of months Cyber Attacks have increased dramatically. Many of the ‘Big Boys’ have been hit. Just because we don’t hear about smaller companies receiving attacks doesn’t mean they’re not happening – they just don’t make the headlines. But by keeping up to date with the news, we learn about the types of attack that exist, how they enter a business and the impact they can cause. What affects a multinational can have equally, if not greater, consequences for a small business. 

Linked here are a few examples of attacks. Notable, but unsurprising, is that all of the attacks appear to have entered the business in question via email. It only takes one person to click on one dodgy email, and the virus is in. Make sure your business is prepared with the right security software to keep your data and systems safe. 

The most recent attack to be reported in the mainstream media has been to Honda. Operations around the world have been impacted, with production put on hold and workers sent home! It’s believed that the company suffered a Ransomware attack which could have entered via the downloading of a booby-trapped document or file. The BBC’s article mentions how Insurer Beazley have seen a 25% spike in clients being hit by Ransomware in the first quarter of this year, compared to the same quarter in 2019. 

A company owned by Kent County Council also experienced an attack when criminals demanded £800,000 and leaked stolen data onto the Dark Web when it wasn’t paid. Kent Commercial Services was targeted, presumably, because it supplies protective equipment – Cyber Criminals are using fear of Covid-19 to hit where we’re most vulnerable. It took the company around six weeks to get up and running again. 

EasyJet have also fallen foul of the fraudsters, with nine million customers being affected, of which 2,208 had their credit and debit card details stolen. A phishing attack was responsible, hackers taking advantage of the number of cancellations due to Covid-19. In addition to customer concerns, EasyJet have also experienced reputational damage and an investigation by the ICO. 

Unfortunately, the attacks mentioned above are by no means the only ones that we’ve heard about. They’re increasing in regularity and piling on pain in already uncertain times. Ensure your business is well protected and your staff properly trained, in order to minimise the risk of a debilitating Cyber Attack. At Net Primates we provide Office 365 Enhanced Security to businesses that demand strong protection against email attacks.

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