We spend so much time explaining the woes of IT Security (without it the best IT kit can be deemed useless). But we all need some light relief (particularly after the year we’ve had) so we’re taking the opportunity to let you know about the latest IT kit trends. Some people love shoes – we really do love shiny and new IT kit 😊. 

Dual screens 

We’ve mentioned these before, so won’t dwell on them, but they really do come into their own when video conferencing. How often do we need to reference a file or email during a video call – using a dual screen allows you to see other members on the call while you search and read from files. 

Curved monitors 

An alternative to the dual monitor, for those who want an immersive experience, curved displays give crisp, panoramic views. See your entire project and workspace on one screen without sacrificing ease.  


Obvious really! Webcams are an essential business tool now aren’t they! Whilst some desktop computers and laptops have built in webcams, this is not always the case. Separate webcams allow flexibility in positioning, particularly wireless versions, giving you more options to sit where you are most comfortable but also benefit from the best lighting; some models can even pan and zoom! 

Convertible laptops 

As the sun comes out us Brits love a convertible, and now we can even have a convertible laptop 😊. The HP Convertible Laptop, shown here, can be used as a conventional laptop with keyboard, a pad with pen or even as a screen. There’s even the option of purchasing a specially designed backpack to highlight the flexibility of this type of machine. 

VR headsets 

For those that REALLY love their tech, consider the VR (Virtual Reality) headset. Associated with gaming, they’re not for everyone, but they do have their place in some areas of business, such as design and training. 

  • Design from concept to showroom, letting your clients see how the design will work in reality (before it is reality).
  • Train your teams in high-risk safety simulations through to public speaking in a safe ‘virtual’ space. 

Above are just a few examples of the types of kit that is available to both business and home users. If you’re not sure what will benefit your business best, please do ask our advice. As HP Gold Partners we’ve been endorsed as trusted resellers. Big is not always best; we’ll discuss your business needs with you to ensure you invest in IT kit that will benefit your business.  

Unfortunately, Covid-19 is still impacting availability and delivery times. We’d recommend that you get your IT kit requests to us as soon as possible; take a look at your IT Strategy, note dates when IT kit is needed, and consider bringing your orders forward. We’ll advise on availability as far as possible but we are all at the mercy of the pandemic and need to allow plenty of contingency.