Never let it be said that the grass grows under Steve’s and Rupert’s feet! Net Primates Managing Director, Steve Cole and Technical Director, Rupert Walmsley, have been off on their travels to network with like-minded technical specialists. 

“Attending specialised industry events allows us to make incredibly useful connections within the world of IT. Developments happen so quickly our community works together to stay informed about potential issues, solutions and inventions.” says Steve. 

Discussing business ‘best practice’ is just one of the areas that the group pooled their collective knowledge on during the event. By using methods and techniques that all agree are superior allows clients to receive the best service available. And whilst the forum is ideal for swapping valuable information, the discussion doesn’t stop when they all go back to their respective IT companies; instant messaging is used between the group, allowing the community to quickly compare notes and react to issues in as timely manner as possible. 

Reviewing new products, services and vendors is also an incredibly useful exercise. Imagine how much money is saved by sharing information so readily. For example, if one company has trialled a product that they’re prepared to fully endorse it allows other IT companies to confidently supply similar products. Conversely, if something isn’t so good, it’s good to know before time, money and effort are spent on it! 

The duo will be off again in March, to a security and monitoring exhibition, in order to support the Net Primates core values of: 

  • Always improving internal skills 
  • Provision of the best products and services 
  • Determination to consistently grow knowledge