As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) we are constantly monitoring the threat of cyberattacks and data breaches. Recognising the importance of preparedness, Steve Cole recently led an Incident Response Practical Workshop, helping to educate the MSP community. Read the highlights of Steve’s contributions to cyber resilience education among his peers, which ultimately positively impacts everyone’s businesses. 

The power of collaboration in Network Group 

Steve Cole, and an industry associate, Michael Freeman, have demonstrated the strength of collaborative learning. As members of Network Group, a coalition of MSPs who prioritise collaboration over competition, they have encouraged a supportive environment conducive to shared learning and growth. During Network Group’s recent roadshow held in Dorking, they took a proactive stance in educating fellow MSPs on the intricacies of incident response. 

The workshop experience in Dorking’s Wotton House 

The Incident Response Practical Workshop, a critical component of the Network Group Roadshow, took place in the scenic surroundings of Dorking’s Wotton House. Here, Steve and Michael provided 60 delegates with a hypothetical scenario coined their ‘worst day ever’ – there has been a data breach and you’re under attack! 

Delegates were placed in teams and each participant was given a specific role. They then took part in a series of hands-on exercises, designed to give the necessary knowledge and skills needed to defend an IT infrastructure against the very latest cyber threats. This hands-on approach was not merely about exposing the participants to a stressful scenario but rather educating them through a meticulously crafted, real-world situation. 

Practical learning through simulated challenges 

The workshop’s core was its interactive nature, pushing each participant to think critically about every facet of managing a major cyber incident. Participants had to tackle challenges from initial detection to recovery. This approach allowed them to engage deeply with the material, emphasising practical skills over theoretical knowledge. 

Steve’s expert guidance 

Steve’s role as a mentor and leader was pivotal in guiding the attendees through the complex landscape of cyber threats. His extensive experience in the MSP industry enabled him to provide not only technical insights but also strategic guidance on preserving client relations and business operations during a crisis. His effective teaching has earned him a nomination as a Network Group Award Finalist 2024, underscoring his impact on the MSP community. 

Key takeaways and broader impacts 

Attendees left the workshop with a comprehensive understanding of incident management across multiple domains, including technical, operational, and legal aspects. The practical exercises ensured that they could translate this knowledge into actionable strategies in their respective organisations. By simulating high-pressure environments, the workshop prepared MSP specialists to not only respond to but also anticipate and mitigate potential cyber threats. 


The Incident Response Practical Workshop highlights the continuous effort to enhance cyber resilience among MSPs. By encouraging an environment of active learning and real-world application, Steve has not only helped prepare MSP specialists for the challenges of cybercrime but has also highlighted the crucial need for robust incident response plans. As cybercrime grows more complex, the insights and skills imparted through such workshops are invaluable in shaping the future of cyber defence within the MSP industry and beyond. MSPs are here to serve clients and to help keep their IT infrastructures secure and efficient – reinforcing cyber resilience using incident response plans is one vital thread in their cybersecurity provision. 

If you would like more information on forming an Incident Response Plan for your business, we can offer you help and advice. Get in touch and we’ll help you reinforce your cyber defences.