Pre-Covid a regular feature on our agenda was attending international cyber security conferences. Not only did the pandemic put a temporary end to these events and the ability to travel, but also saw the rise in cybercrime accelerate. Steve was therefore relieved to get back to business as usual by attending IT Nation Secure in Florida. 

As we all know, cybercrime has made the world seem a much smaller place. Hackers can reach you from anywhere and richer nations, such as ours, will prove more profitable targets. In the fight against cybercriminals, it’s vital that the world’s cyber security leaders pull together, pool resources and share as much information as possible. Net Primates recognise the importance of attending industry-recognised events to catch up with our peers and find out how we can best continue to help the local business community. 

At Net Primates we are continually keeping abreast of vital cyber security developments to help keep you as safe as possible. If you’re concerned that you don’t have adequate cyber security provision in place, please ask us for help