Technology Business Reviews are meetings held to determine what technology is needed within a business, aiding it to function effectively now and in the future. 

By evaluating how IT relates to business goals on a regular basis helps ensure that said goals are achieved.  

Plan for success 

As we are all aware, technology moves at a rapid pace but there is no reason why even the smallest business can’t keep up. The key is in planning; plan for essential IT upgrades, changes in business structure and budget requirements. 

Stay in warranty 

One of the main elements of a TBR is keeping a check on the age of IT equipment. Ideally all PCs and laptops are changed every 3 years; business grade equipment supplied by Net Primates will have a 3 year warranty. These come into their own if you suddenly experience an issue with your kit and need it replaced as quickly as possible. The same applies to Servers except that their warranties are for 5 years. 


Using IT kit that is within its warranty lifetime means that software and system upgrades and updates will work. Older machines may not be able to cope with updates that will allow the latest software to be used and security to be as tight as is needed. So, older machines may not work as effectively as you need them to and may be more prone to potentially devastating security breaches. 

Business structure 

Are you planning on changing your staffing levels? If so a TBR will help you determine what IT kit you’ll need. And if you’re thinking of introducing different working patterns, such as more permanent remote working, how will this impact the type of kit that you purchase? As an aside, we’ve noticed a significant rise in the number of new laptops that are being purchased, rather than desktop computers, since the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Many businesses are making homeworking part of their future structure and, as such, demand different types of IT kit. 

Stay secure 

Changes in business structure may place different demands on IT Security provision. Use your TBR to discuss the way that security will work wherever your team members are based, whether there are any new compliance requirements for your industry and how to keep your team security-aware. 


Reduce the need for unexpected IT costs by planning when kit will be replaced. Stagger new purchases if necessary to maintain cashflow. You may also find that you’ll be better able to afford the best kit for the job if it’s a planned expense rather than an emergency purchase. 

Surprises are not always good 

Surprises in business are rarely a positive experience; they often result in unnecessary expense, downtime and decisions that have not been considered. As much as you don’t like business surprises, nor do we at Net Primates. We would much rather work with you proactively to prepare for essential IT changes, rather than face an emergency situation. To that end we send out invitations for TBRs at regular intervals so that you can book your meeting at a convenient time… rather than in an emergency. 

Usually, Net Primates TBRs are carried out as face-to-face meetings but, in the interests of safety surrounding Covid-19, we’re taking all TBR meetings virtually for the time being. If you haven’t experienced an online meeting we’ll guide you through the process. 

Current clients receive annual TBR invitations from Net Primates. If you’re new to Net Primates and would like to book a TBR please do get in touch