We were delighted to begin providing IT Support for Genio Accountants within the past year, and were even more pleased to receive a wonderful testimonial from Director, Jeremy Robbins: 

Steve and his team have been recently engaged to look after our IT as external support. I have to be honest and say that historically I believed that, with us being a small business and me being a techie geek, we could manage this internally which we had for the past five years. 

A meeting with Steve, however, highlighted this not to be the case. Genio has grown from one laptop and two PCs to four laptops and five PCs which had been set up ad hoc internally. 

Net Primates have extremely quickly demonstrated their worth and the importance of having the right IT set up. From making sure we are cyber secure, automating our email signatures across all devices to releasing my time I used to take dealing with my team’s IT support needs. 

The support from Chris specifically has been excellent, always there ready to connect to our devices remotely to deal with multiple IT tickets quickly and efficiently. 

I can’t recommend Net Primates highly enough and strongly encourage any business with five or more devices to get a meeting with Steve booked as soon as possible.” 

Jeremy’s observations echo those of many of our clients; whilst they may have the capabilities in-house to resolve IT issues the time it takes eats into their day. What can work for a micro business is not usually an efficient way of working as a business grows. Enlisting the support of an external IT provider allows company leaders to focus on their core business and growth opportunities.  

Additionally, it’s hard to keep up with cyber security issues (even cyber security businesses have been hacked), so using expert support gives you the best chance of preventing or beating a cyberattack. 

Finally, using external IT support provides proactive rather than reactive IT. Instead of resolving issues, planning for IT changes is always more efficient and increases staff morale. If you’re a growing business that would benefit from IT Support we’re here to help.