Have you tuned into Steve and Rupert on YouTube yet? They’ve continued uploading new videos to help keep you informed.  

Alongside vital cybersecurity tips, The Net Primates Story provides a little taster of how Net Primates was formed and how we help businesses such as yours. Videos include: 

  • Multi Factor Authentication explained 
  • Passwords in companies
  • Why should companies care about cybersecurity? 
  • Is your company safe from cyberattacks? 

Videos are short and sweet, giving you vital tips to help keep cybersecurity where it should be – always on your radar. 

We make it a priority to keep you as informed as possible about cybersecurity and how to maintain it. Please do make just a few minutes here and there to stay up to date and keep your business safe. You’ll also pick up tips that are useful in your home life, and that of your friends and family, so please do pass the link on. Hackers are resilient – to beat them we all need to work together and help each other.