If your premises are empty it may be the ideal opportunity to get all those IT issues sorted out.  

Email migrations 

Are you still reliant on your gmail account, set up when you first established your business? Now is your chance to move your email to Office 365 Enhanced, benefit from vital security measures, and have professional sounding email addresses for you and your team.

 System upgrades 

Upgrades often seem to arrive at an inopportune moment – just as we’re REALLY busy and can’t possibly stop. But system upgrades are essential to maintain optimum performance of your computers. Utilise computer downtime by having this work completed. 

Security upgrades 

We can’t stress the importance of security upgrades enough. Hackers thrive on weakness, and they’re seeing a lot of weak spots during the Covid-19 crisis. Remote working is likely to become permanently more widespread – your security provision should be just as rigorous wherever your workers are, whether at home, in the office or at an alternative site. 

Server migrations 

Servers should be replaced every five years in order to keep them within warranty, maintain business efficiency and remain secure. Using quiet time to migrate data from one server to another allows a smoother transition with minimal disruption. Net Primates can carry out all vital IT migrations, upgrades and maintenance, and adhere to social distancing measures if you or your team need to be onsite whilst the work is underway. 

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