The beauty of a buffet is that you can choose a variety of different items in the quantities that you want, and have them all on one plate – yummy! You won’t have the same plate as anyone else, and that’s fine – you will have exactly what you choose, rather than a plate of food that someone has assumed you will like. 

And that is how Net Primates can help with your IT – we provide a variety of IT services, you have exactly what you need, and only have to deal with one, itemised invoice. Plus, you’ll benefit from IT products and services that interconnect without you having to liaise with various different providers.  

Our core provision is IT Support, ensuring local businesses can work efficiently, effectively and securely. Our aim is to take any worry away from business leaders so that you can concentrate on your core business.   

As we all appreciate, there are many facets to IT and we can help you with all of them. From advising you on the best machine for the job to providing your phone system and internet connectivity, we’ll also give advice on IT training, strategy and security.  

Choose your IT buffet from: 

  • IT Support Packages  
  • IT Security  
  • Hardware  
  • Software  
  • Upgrades and Updates  
  • IT Networks including VPN  
  • Internet Connectivity  
  • Wireless and Wifi  
  • Telephony  
  • IT Strategy Support  
  • IT Training Support  
  • Cyber Security Seminars  

We’re constantly examining the world around us, keeping up to date with the latest technology available and security threats (and solutions) – making sure our buffet has all the best dishes to choose from!  

Tell us what you want on your plate… and if you need some help deciding, we can advise.