WiFi is arguably one of the few areas of day-to-day computing that has changed dramatically in recent years and continues to develop. That’s why it’s worth reviewing your WiFi to ensure you have the best provision for your requirements. 


The term WiFi was only added to the dictionary in 2005 when it became mainstream! Yes, it feels as if we’ve had it forever, and it’s hard to recall how we all managed without it. In the short space of time that WiFi has been with us it’s had a profound impact on our commercial and domestic lives.  

In the early days WiFi seemed hit and miss. We didn’t assume that we’d get it – but it was good when we did. Nowadays great WiFi is expected – a business providing a flaky service do so at their peril. 

Great WiFi

Companies that rely on offering customers great WiFi need to come up with the goods! It’s no good enticing people in with the promise of WiFi only for them to find that they only get coverage at certain times and in certain places. Imagine a holiday park for example. Their guests will have been promised WiFi and as such will expect top notch provision 24/7 wherever they are on the park. They may not get top Trip Advisor marks because of great WiFi… but their scores could be impacted if WiFi isn’t up to scratch. Additionally, the park will need to ensure that the business network is secure and segmented from the customer network in order to help maintain vital cyber security, and ensure that allocations are adequate for staff to carry out their role. 

The example above highlights the complex challenges that are now possible to overcome with the right WiFi.  

Specific requirements

It’s worth noting that the requirements of a holiday park are wildly different from an office environment where customers are rarely on site and many computers are hard-wired into a router. These scenarios represent two extremes – all businesses are different, generally fitting somewhere within these. Consequently, WiFi provision needs to be specific to a business. One size does not fit all so it’s essential that a business gets exactly what it needs to satisfy the demands of all stakeholders. 

Speed, coverage, security

Whilst requirements will vary from business to business the main criteria for all is the same; they need speed, coverage and security. With WiFi developments happening at pace we’d recommend that you review these three elements on a regular basis. Without up-to-date WiFi you could face negative issues associated with productivity, customer satisfaction, staff morale and cyber security. Switch this around with phenomenal WiFi and you’ll see work targets hit, great customer reviews, happy teams and data compliance. 

Need help?

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