It’s probably fair to suggest that most businesses start off carrying out their own IT. Sole traders / lone directors will have purchased their first PC from a high street/online retailer, acquired the necessary basic software, and got underway with business. Some will soon have realised that additional support is required, if only to save time, but others may carry on solving their own IT issues as the business grows.  

We’re not suggesting that carrying out your own IT is wrong, but too often we see businesses that are leaving themselves open to a number of risks.  

  1. Hardware supplied by high street retailers is designed for home use rather than business use. Operating your PC 7 hours a day, 5 days a week is a little different than carrying out some online shopping of an evening. Business-grade IT kit, supplied via a professional IT provider, will not only be designed for full time working, but it will have a long warranty in place (the PCs we provide come with a 3-year warranty). Reputable IT providers will also be able to advise on the best kit for the job, potentially allowing cost savings. 
  1. Thorough backups. Unfortunately, backups are often forgotten during the heady days of business set up. Losing a few days’ work by one person is irritating, but not the end of the world. Finding that none of your team’s work has been backed up for some time could bring an end to your business as you know it! IT Support will ensure you have thorough, regular backups taking place wherever, and whenever, your teams are working. 
  1. Planning and budgeting. Working with an IT Provider will help you to plan and budget for IT. No one wants surprises within business and IT planning helps maintain business efficiency. For example, if a warranty is due to run out in 6 months your IT provider can help you plan for replacement kit. The same applies if you’re recruiting – get the right kit in the right place at the right time. 
  1. Upgrades and updates. Business efficiency is helped by using hardware and software that is up to date and IT providers will help you plan to have these carried out. Without updates and upgrades you may find that you can’t perform essential activities as easily as you need to. You could also be missing out on vital security updates. 
  1. Proactive IT Support. Ideally you want to prevent problems rather than react to them. IT Support providers prefer this too. You’ll also benefit on the balance sheet. Not only do IT emergencies cost in downtime, but you also risk missing deadlines, waiting for kit that’s not in stock or buying new kit that’s not ideal for the job. 
  1. Cyber Security. Last, but by no means least, is cyber security. Good IT providers will be constantly reviewing cyberattacks and making recommendations to keep you safe and secure. Cybercrime is one of the main threats to modern-day business and cyber security should be up there as a main business consideration. Yes, we know it’s not your main concern, but you wouldn’t leave your doors unlocked, your fire extinguishers broken or your insurance unpaid; IT providers will help you maintain vital IT Security that evolves with threats. 

Do you know a business that would benefit from having IT Support in place to ensure they can grow and compete? Please refer them to Net Primates. We take pride in providing proactive professional support, putting your needs at the centre of our provision.