As occupants of the New Forest Enterprise Centre we’re delighted to provide them with ongoing IT and telecoms, and to have worked on their recent refurbishment. 

Here, Manager of the centre, Sarah Murray, details the work undertaken by Net Primates. 

How do Net Primates help the New Forest Enterprise Centre? 

Net Primates help us with all of our IT and telecoms here at New Forest Enterprise Centre. Even if we have problems with services they don’t usually look after for us, they always do their best to help and go above and beyond! 

Have you changed any IT recently? 

Recently we’ve refurbished our reception suite and meeting rooms and we couldn’t have done it without Net Primates! They moved us from our reception and meeting rooms into temporary offices and then moved us into the new space once the works had been completed.  

They also completely upgraded our set up, streamlined the equipment and CCTV set up we had as well as completely kitting out our meeting rooms with the latest technology. 

What are the biggest IT challenges Net Primates have helped you overcome? 

I didn’t know where to start when I was looking at what conferencing equipment would work best for us and our customers here at the centre. Steve at Net Primates was able to show us options, talk us through set up and how to use it and made everything simple and easy.  

How do your customers benefit from the products and services provided by Net Primates? 

We and our customers are so pleased with the set ups, we barely have any times in the week where the meeting rooms are empty now! 

Thanks to Sarah for taking the time to put this case study together for us, and for such positive feedback.  

We have enjoyed many happy years at the New Forest Enterprise Centre. If you are interested in finding out more about what’s on offer including business units, meeting room hire and business services, visit their website or call 023 8066 7700. 

If you know businesses that need reliable, professional and proactive IT provision, please refer them to us here at Net Primates