Cyber Security Awareness

Seminar Programme

At Net Primates we view Cyber Security as our main priority – without adequate protection in place businesses leave themselves wide open to attacks that can have long and lasting implications. We aim to educate and assist organisations, making them cyber aware and allowing them to carry on with their core business in the knowledge that they are protected.

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During the seminar we’ll highlight the types of threats that your business faces TODAY along with solutions for preventing Cyber Attacks. We firmly believe that half a day spent with us will give you the awareness needed to help keep your business secure – the consequences of a security breach will take much longer to clear up.

In addition to the presentation you’ll receive a pack of FREE Cyber Security resources and materials worth OVER £600, including a personalised Dark Web Report and Email Scan highlighting where your business security could be compromised.


Topic: Cyber Security  Awareness
Date: To Be Announced – Register Below to Receive Notification of Dates
Venue: Online Webinar (until Covid-19 lets us resume face-to-face events!)