We don’t want anyone to spend time worrying about IT Security, BUT we do want you to be armed with the facts. 

Alarming statistics are constantly being published surrounding the growth of business security breaches. We’ve recently read that 75% of organisations around the world experienced some kind of phishing attack in 2020

96% of attacks arrived by email! 

Regrettably, Covid has brought out the very worst in the hacking community. Fraudsters are aware of the pressures facing business; staff having to work from home at short notice, staff shortages due to sickness and isolating, business leaders taking their eye off of the IT Security ball. 

Fraudsters have taken full advantage of the situation. Where we have been preoccupied with the physical virus, they have been more concerned with creating viruses of their own, and circulating them via email. 

If you haven’t addressed IT Security in your business, please make sure that you bring it to the top of your agenda. Whilst it may not feel like the most pressing issue, it will soon become one should you face a successful attack.  

Whilst we’re constantly reminded of security breaches that occur within big business, we rarely hear about those within smaller organisations. This isn’t because they’re not happening. Unfortunately, attacks on small businesses are not considered as newsworthy, but they can be equally as debilitating. 

Whilst IT Security is a vast and complex subject, you don’t need to worry about the complexities. However, we’d recommend that you maintain an awareness of IT Security and that you make sure your teams are also armed with current information and training.  

Following our news items on the website, newsletter and social media pages will help to keep your finger on the pulse. We’d also advise that you make your teams aware of the information that we can offer. Plus, we’re always here to offer advice as and when you need it. We’d always recommend ‘Think Before You Click’ on any email, and if you’re unsure, just ask! 

In addition, our Net Primates Microsoft 365 Enhanced Security will add vital layers of security to accompany your suite of applications. One of the more visible elements of the package are email alerts when potentially fraudulent emails arrive, helping you determine when you should Click and when you should Think. 

If you want to find out more please do ask us. We are committed to helping businesses get to grips with IT Security and will do whatever we can to assist you.