This time last year we wrote about the importance of Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), alongside other IT security measures. We explained how, together with a stringent Password Policy and Password Manager, MFA would add a vital layer of security to protect against fraudulent access to your data. 

This time last year we didn’t know that we’d be hit by a pandemic! 

We didn’t realise that ahead of us lay a year where working practices would be turned on their head. Had we known we could have predicted that cyber security would be further weakened by fraudsters taking advantage of global turmoil. We could have predicted this because any weakness in systems and processes is a target for cyber criminals; they immediately recognise where weaknesses exist leaving businesses at their most vulnerable. 

In our last blog we mentioned how 75% of organisations around the world experienced some kind of phishing attack in 2020, and how 96% of attacks arrived by email! Multi Factor Authentication is one tool in the email security armory that helps to reduce these attacks. 

Turn MFA on wherever you can! 

Microsoft provides free MFA for email protection so make sure you use it. Add that extra layer of protection that could make the difference between a healthy, productive, competitive business, and one that’s brought to its knees by a cyber attack instigated through email. 

MFA is becoming much more prevalent. Sometimes it’s compulsory (think bank accounts), but there are other platforms where it’s an optional extra (think social media). If we could give you one piece of advice it’s TURN MFA ON

A few minutes spent setting up MFA could save you significant time, hassle and expense caused by an attack. 

If you’re not sure how to set up MFA on your Microsoft email, or any other applications, please ask us for help. We’ve heard a lot recently about how the global Covid-19 pandemic can only be overcome by cooperation and global teamwork, and the same effort is required to overcome computer viruses. We will help out wherever we can – the more we work together to conquer the scourge of cyber breaches, the stronger we become. 

Find out more about MFA by watching our IT & Cyber Security Tips video, presented by the Net Primates Technical Director, Rupert Walmsley.