What is Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) and why you should use it

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This video introduces the recent evolution of Computer Authentication, from basic passwords, the introduction of 2FA via memorable numbers/phrases, hardware tokens, through to App based Multi Factor Authentication supported by all leading cloud services from ~2018 onwards.

Multi-Factor Authentication (or MFA for short) combines a Possession (something you have), Knowledge (something you know), and Being (something you are = Biometrics via Facial Recognition or Fingerprint)

You can only log in to a site or service when you have all 3 items, which massively decreases the likelihood of hackers being able to obtain your details via Phishing or Hacking your username and password.

Where can I use MFA?

You SHOULD use MFA on any system or service that holds confidential information, and all of the biggest companies in the world support MFA (for FREE!) to protect your account and their systems/reputation. Companies include: Google, YouTube, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Dropox, Salesforce, Xero, PayPal, Ebay, Twitter, LinkedIn, to name just a few.

At Net Primates one of the things we look for when evaluating a new service or supplier is whether or not they support MFA, and if they don’t we certainly wouldn’t store any confidential information with them!

Take away actions on this topic are

Download the free Microsoft Authenticator App onto your mobile device from the AppStore or Google Play Store

Log in to any of the companies I mentioned above, and follow their guide on how to enable MFA on your account. Each site has a slightly different process, but once you’ve done a few you’ll get the hang of it!

WARNING: Before you get started, do make sure you know your password, and have recovery phone numbers + email addresses configured on your account – you don’t want to lock yourself out!


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