Whilst Net Primates are a business IT provider we want you to adopt great IT Security practices whether at work or at play. Frankly, if you can get into great IT Security habits at home then it’s more likely that you’ll bring these habits to work. And the same goes for your teams. 

We’ll provide you with IT Security provision to keep your business systems safe, but we would still recommend that you keep your finger on the pulse. The more you understand and recognise potential IT scams, the safer you’ll be, wherever you are.

Email – think before you click  

Email scams have been prevalent for some time, hence why we supply Microsoft Office 365 Enhanced Security with Email Alerts. However, the volume of email scams has dramatically risen throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Hackers are preying on a number of issues: 

  • Concerns about health – emails offer fictious cures and vaccines. 
  • Willingness to help – opportunities to donate to worthy causes are sent via scam emails. 
  • Increased internet shopping – online shopping has been adopted by many that have previously only shopped in store. Newbies may fail to realise when an email is NOT from the store from which they’ve made a purchase. Take a look at tips from the National Cyber Security Centre for more secure shopping.
  • New tax arrangements – how many of us have received an email from ‘HMRC’ letting us know about a rebate, etc. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is… 
  • Changes in working patterns – privately owned devices may be used for work emails and home emails simultaneously – it’s likely that these devices don’t have adequate IT Security. 

Don’t play at passwords 

If you don’t change your passwords regularly and make each one is unique, you’re setting yourself up for a fall. We recommend a Password Policy within the workplace, but you should carry this over into homelife. It is staggering how many passwords are being sold on the Dark Web and yours could be one of them. And DO NOT use the same passwords at home as you do at work… 


Multi Factor Authentication is not just the domain of the banks or the workplace. Whilst it’s not always available, some email and social media providers offer the facility to turn MFA on. Take a look at this blog from the National Cyber Security Centre for more information. 

Always update 

Whilst we’ll be on your case to update and upgrade your work software and systems, we’d highly recommend that you also perform this at home. The latest versions will provide the strongest security provision, so you’ll be in a safer position when everything is up to date. 

With Christmas Shopping taking place at pace, often online, and the holiday season on its way, it’s a good time to get IT Security Savvy. 

If you need more guidance please do get in touch. We want everyone to be safe, not sorry.

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