Here we review aspects surrounding IT and Net Primates that have changed / impacted us during 2022. 

IT supplies 

At the beginning of the year we were still experiencing shortages of IT supplies brought about by effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Microchips were in short supply causing unprecedented delays in obtaining new computers and servers. We’re delighted to report that these shortages now appear to be over, with supplies returning to pre-pandemic levels. However, it has highlighted the need for forward planning, and how planning for IT purchases well in advance prevents uncertainty and improves business efficiency. Book your Technology Business Review to ensure your IT plans are in place ready for a successful 2023. 


Hybrid / remote working is now the norm for many and, therefore, webinars have increased in popularity. Whilst meeting, training and exhibiting face-to-face is useful, online activities reach a wider audience, can be put on with ease, are better for the environment, save valuable time, and are cheaper! If you’d like to put on a Webinar but are not sure where to start, Net Primates are now able to assist you. Join us in our offices where we’ll run through how to host your own webinar. 


Whilst we fully endorse the webinar platform, we’re also great advocates for face-to-face networking. Staying up to date with the latest cyber security issues is an ongoing exercise that we take extremely seriously, and like to mix with industry peers to swap vital information. Throughout the pandemic networking events were held online, but this year we were able to begin networking in person again, building even stronger relationships with international associates. Cybercriminals work to divide – we all work together to conquer. 

UK stats 

As recently reported the UK’s stats for cybercrime over the past year are high. However, we need to recognise that our statistics are high because the UK has a comprehensive reporting framework. Government organisations encourage businesses and individuals to be as transparent as possible – if we try to cover up cyberattacks we are, in effect, empowering cybercriminals. The more we can all stick together the stronger we are. 

Cyber Resilience 

It has become increasingly obvious that having robust cyber security in place is not enough – businesses also need cyber resilience. Businesses need to plan for an attack as well as doing their best to prevent one. Much the same as we have fire prevention and fire drills in place, we must have procedures and regular staff training, that show us what do if we suspect our organisation is under attack. Regrettably, even the most thorough cyber security has proved inadequate in certain circumstances, but organisations with strong cyber resilience have been able to minimise the impact of an attack. 

Net Primates 

We have been delighted to welcome Becky and Kiran to the team. Despite gloomy ecomomic conditions Net Primates customers are still busy, many employing new staff members, and our growing team are there to support wherever possible. 


As we’ve all learnt, it’s difficult to predict what will happen next, but economic forecasts are tentatively positive. Here’s hoping that they are correct, and that we can all look forward to a prosperous new year.