Family run, Nott Office, was established in 1924. Originally carrying out shopfitting, today they provide bespoke office furniture and create beautiful working spaces. 

Until 2020 the organisation did not have regular IT Support in place and were consequently suffering from a number of core issues that were impacting productivity. As an example their email did not have sufficient capacity and there were some licensing challenges.  

In May of 2020 Nott Office began engaging with Net Primates and an IT Strategy was developed. Implementation of the strategy has allowed Nott Office to plan for IT kit purchases, budget, plus use the latest software and cyber security. 

Now operating with Microsoft Office 365 Enhanced Security, they benefit from the most up-to-date Microsoft suite of applications, alongside Net Primates security enhancements. Teams and Sharepoint have proved particularly useful, helping personnel who often working remotely. 

No longer are Nott Office experiencing email issues and they have a plan and budget in place for the next nine months. 

Being proactive with their IT ensures greater productivity and efficiency, alongside the ability to compete more effectively. Also worth noting is that staff morale always improves when the hardware and software being used is completely fit for purpose; personnel can carry out computer-based tasks with ease rather than continuously battling problems. 

Taking advantage of Technology Business Reviews with Net Primates ensures proactivity continues and that the Nott Office IT Strategy grows and evolves as they do.