Starlink, the satellite internet service provided by SpaceX and supplied by Net Primates, has revolutionised internet access, particularly in rural and remote areas where traditional broadband services struggle to reach. In October we wrote about how Net Primates worked with Buchannan Marquees to increase their connectivity. Here we dive into the specifics of how Starlink serves rural communities, addressing common questions about its capabilities, limitations, and suitability for different environments. 

What are the benefits of Starlink in rural areas? 

Starlink offers high-speed internet with lower lag compared to traditional satellite internet services. This is particularly beneficial in rural areas of the UK where options may be limited to slower, less reliable broadband services. The primary benefits include: 

  • Faster internet speed for everything from streaming videos to browsing the web 
  • Broad coverage, capable of reaching remote locations that are otherwise unreachable by cable or fibre optics 
  • Speedy setup wherever you are 

Does Starlink work in multiple locations? 

Yes, Starlink can be used in multiple locations. Originally, the service required a fixed address for use, but with the introduction of the ‘Portability’ feature, users can now move their Starlink service to different locations, though it works best within the same continent. 

Is Starlink fast enough for Zoom? 

Absolutely, Starlink’s speeds are generally sufficient for video conferencing applications like Zoom. Most users report download speeds well above the minimum requirements for HD video conferencing. 

What speed is Starlink rural internet? 

In rural areas, Starlink typically offers download speeds ranging from 100 Mbps to 200 Mbps with some users even experiencing higher speeds depending on local conditions and satellite visibility (Buchannan Marquees now have download speeds of around 224Mbps). 

Can you use Starlink off-grid? 

Yes, Starlink can be used off-grid, provided you have a power source to support the Starlink terminal, which consumes about 100 watts during operation. Solar power or generators can be effective solutions. Steve used Starlink at a festival last year with great success. 

Will Starlink work on the road? 

Yes, there are Starlink options for use anywhere the service has active coverage, even while on the move, making it ideal for road trips in covered regions. 

Can I move Starlink between locations? 

Yes, with the portability feature, users can move their Starlink service across different locations within the same continent, making it flexible for users who travel frequently or have multiple homes. 

Does Starlink work in suburbs? 

Starlink can function in suburban areas, although it is primarily aimed at servicing locations where broadband is unavailable or unreliable. In suburban areas with existing high-speed internet infrastructure, Starlink might be less competitive. 


Starlink is proving to be a game-changer for rural internet access in the UK, bringing high-speed connections to regions traditionally underserved by broadband providers. For businesses based in rural and remote locations, Starlink offers an ideal solution to the long-standing challenge of obtaining reliable internet access. 
If your business is suffering from poor connectivity get in touch and we’ll run through the options available to you.