Cyber Security MUST be a core focus for you during 2020.  

88% of organisations saw email-based spoofing of business partners or vendors, and there was a 26% year-over-year increase in ransomware during 2019, reports Mimecast. 67% of companies also reported increases in Impersonation Fraud.  

Attacks are happening to micro businesses and SMEs in Hampshire NOW! 

Confidence in the security of business systems is lower than ever. Attacks can prove extremely costly, damage reputation and cause irreparable damage to a business. 

Doing nothing is NOT an option. 

Being proactive is essential. Whilst the time taken to get ahead of the curve may seem time that could be better spent elsewhere, reacting to a cyber attack will take far longer; the average downtime following a ransomware attack in 2019 was almost two weeks, and 8% of encrypted data was lost forever! 

So, what can be done? 

There are a number of measures to take: 

  • Educate yourself; burying your head will not make the attackers go away. Hackers prey on those that don’t understand the threats and do nothing. 
  • Give Cyber Security the status it deserves; carry out IT Security Audits, add it to the agenda for regular business meetings and make it a theme for staff education programmes. 
  • Ensure software and hardware is up-to-date; using old systems makes it easier for hackers to find a way in. 
  • Put additional security in place such as Multi Factor Authentication, Password Policies and Password Managers. 
  • Become Cyber Essentials accredited; improve your business security and highlight to your customers, prospects, and everyone you deal with that you take the protection of their data seriously. 

We have made it our mission to educate and help businesses in Hampshire remain secure. Mixing with business people and IT specialists both locally, and from around the world, has given us a clear insight into the risks and solutions available.  

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