We’re not talking about single or double glazing, but rather Microsoft Windows. 

According to a recent Government report 16% of businesses still use Windows 7 or 8. This figure rises to 25% of medium sized businesses, highlighting that a quarter of these types of organisation are more vulnerable to security breaches. 

If you’re in the majority, and have diligently upgraded your Windows versions, you can stop reading now (or you can continue reading and help us to spread the word).  

If you have NOT upgraded from Windows 7 or 8 then PLEASE READ ON! 

Why worry? 

Because computers using pre-Windows 8.1 have stopped being supported by Microsoft and are therefore far more susceptible to attack. Being unsupported means that vital security updates are no longer provided for your computer. You may view IT upgrades and updates as yet another drain on resources, but a cyberattack will prove far more damaging and costly. 

Get cleaning! 

Once you’ve cleaned up your IT and are using supported versions of Windows, you’ll feel the benefits. Not only will your business be way more secure, but you will benefit from systems that are fit for purpose. Outdated systems are sluggish and inefficient. You and your teams will be able to work far more effectively, and no doubt gain more job satisfaction, when you’re not battling with your computers. 

Where to begin? 

Make the call to Net Primates. We’ll carry out a Technology Business Review with you to determine which pieces of kit are most at risk of attack, and prioritise the work that needs to be carried out. Our Microsoft Office 365 Enhanced Security provides the Microsoft suite of products alongside additional layers of security and we’ll advise you on the best ways of keeping your business safe. 

So, to round up, please do get cleaning. We hope you’ve seen the light!