We all love to write testimonials almost as much as we love to receive them. Testimonials are to the B2B world what a 5 star Trust Pilot review is to B2Cs. We can show loyalty to our suppliers, gain credibility with potential customers, and prove that we’re genuinely a great business. We’re also showing Hackers where there is a potential ‘in’… 

Hackers, as we’ve highlighted many times, are as clever as they are unscrupulous. 

They also have time; time to seek out snippets of information that they can use to their advantage. By wriggling in at the bottom of a supply chain there is a chance they’ll be able to strike the ‘biggy’ at some stage down the line. 

Testimonials are especially useful for new and small businesses that want to show the world how much potential they have. They may seek out testimonials from the businesses that they supply. Hackers can use this information to build up a picture of the supply chain. 

New and small businesses may not have their IT Security and procedures in place as rigorously as a bigger business, making it easier for a hacker to gain access. Gain an ‘in’ on the bottom rung of the ladder and there’s a chance they’ll be able to work their way upwards.  

Don’t want to give up on testimonials? 

We’re not suggesting that you forget about testimonials – they are a valuable way to prove yourself as a young or small business. BUT do ensure you have rigorous IT Security in place. Prove to your customers that you are a reliable supplier, not just by way of your particular product or service, but by your dedication to IT security and data protection.  

Gaining the Government’s Cyber Essentials certification is a good first step to proving yourself. Using Office 365 Enhanced Security also provides layers of security that will help to protect you, your customers and their customers… 

You may wish potential customers to know all about you, but make sure Hackers can’t use this information to infiltrate systems. Whilst you may represent one of the first links in the supply chain, make sure you’re not the weakest link.