Safeguarding IT systems to empower your business for success is vital to us at Net Primates.  

As we all understand, the digital landscape is fast paced, with most businesses relying heavily on technology to drive operations. From seamless system functionality to robust cybersecurity measures, maintaining the health and resilience of IT infrastructures is vital for sustained success.  

At Net Primates we understand how important it is to constantly review systems and processes, along with the latest IT trends and cybersecurity issues. We keep on top of these things so that you get the very best IT for the job, systems and processes designed for productivity and cybersecurity, and a proactive service. We use our extensive expertise, proactively making sure your systems run smoothly and keep your best interests at heart.  

Included within your fixed price support is constant monitoring of your systems, external suppliers and conditions. We are with you behind the scenes, working to help keep your systems operational and safe. And we’re also there to solve problems when they arise and help with strategic planning through Technology Business Reviews

Listed below are some of ways in which Net Primates works relentlessly to provide you with the very best IT Support Service. Click on the links for more detailed explanations and please do get in touch for more information. 

Microsoft 365 

Benefit from the full Microsoft 365 suite alongside robust Net Primates cybersecurity enhancements by using our Microsoft Office 365 Enhanced Security. Keep your organisation up to date with the latest Microsoft applications, as well as maintaining vital IT security. 

Connectwise Manage 

One of the major advantages of using the new Connectwise Manage system is that it is now possible to provide you with advanced reporting, allowing us to be even more proactive on your behalf. By gathering data that we weren’t previously able to see Connectwise Manage can inform us on issues that may affect your business in the future. 


Cybercrime doesn’t stand still so cybersecurity measures need to keep up. By using WatchGuard cybersecurity technology, we are able to provide our clients with the latest features available. 

HP Gold Partners 

As HP Gold Partners we’ve been endorsed as qualified resellers and will work with you to develop your IT strategy. This will help to ensure you always have the right IT for your purposes – no more and no less.   

Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation 

Net Primates know how vital it is for businesses to demonstrate responsible cybersecurity and understand the risks of cybercrime, so we routinely work to achieve accreditation. We’d encourage you to do the same, if you haven’t already, and we can help you with this as needed. 

IT Support Panel 

We’re committed to helping businesses remain as efficient as possible, ensuring IT issues are resolved quickly and easily, and the IT Support Panel enables this. Our streamlined system makes it straightforward to raise, approve and resolve your IT problems. 

Helpdesk Habits 

Helpdesk Habits is a training and certification programme designed to enhance the customer service standards provided by IT providers. At Net Primates we’re very enthusiastic about IT and constantly evaluate how we can provide the very best IT and cybersecurity for our customers. Helpdesk Habits ensures that we use similar levels of enthusiasm and evaluation for customer service through positive communication, empathy and attitude.   


By subscribing to environmental organisation, Ecologi, Net Primates are helping to fund projects and work in a climate-positive way. You can subscribe too – sign up today and Ecologi will plant an extra 10 trees in your forest! 

Living Wage 

The Living Wage Foundation has accredited Net Primates as a Living Wage Employer.  By paying the real Living Wage, we are voluntarily taking a stand to ensure our employees can earn a wage which is enough to live on.