Don’t reuse passwords! Here is why …

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About this video

This video explains problems with reusing passwords across multiple sites / services / devices, and the consequences you may face as a result.

The video discusses;

  • Impact of a 3rd party service breach, such as the LinkedIn breach from 2012
  • Examples of some of the ways a hacker can get hold of your password
  • What a hacker is likely to do when they get a password
  • The risks associated with reusing passwords within your company

Next we move on to discuss some simple things you can do to protect yourself and your business from being impacted by compromised passwords, and areas where the technology industry is doing it’s part to protect us all.

Take away actions on this topic are

  1. Get started NOW by changing a password you know you use in multiple places, even just in 1 location. Commit to eradicating that old password by changing it every time you need to use it from now on!
  2. Have a conversation with your colleagues around the issues of reusing + sharing passwords. Explain what could happen, and spell out what is and isn’t acceptable within your company.
  3. Reach out to your IT Support team and ask for help with your passwords. They’ll be delighted to hear from someone who is being proactive about cyber security!

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